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4 Earth Stories Art has long served as a voice to express concern over issues that affect human so- ciety. Certainly one of the most pressing prob- lems that confronts the current genera- tion is the long-term health of the planet. Answers to the challenges presented by overpopulation endangered wildlife costly sources of energy air and water pollution climate change diminishing farmland and deforestation are sought by a host of organizations and individuals. Studio Art Quilt Associates an organi- zation that exists to promote art quilts and the artists who make them issued a call for artists to submit proposals for works that would highlight a person or group that is working to improve the Earth. Entries were received from the United States Europe and the Middle East. Juror Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi a decorated quilt artist herself selected a group of 24 proposals based on compel- ling themes as well as the technical and artistic skills demonstrated in the artists portfolios. I looked for work that would emotionally draw me in ... pieces with the distinctive voice of the artist coming through which would be memorable and move my spirit Mazloomi said. The resulting works touch upon a variety of themes and the ini- tiatives that are underway by a number of organizations and in- dividuals to address some of the planets problems. Community projects such as The Tenderloin Peoples Garden in San Francisco the seismic-resistant housing efforts of Architecture for Humanity and the housing preservation group Haushaltenin Leipzig Ger- many inspired works that showcased the push to promote urban sustainability. Artists Regina V. Benson Cynthia St. Charles and Jennifer Day chose to focus on the growing effort to harness renewable energy while Nancy Cook Annie Helmericks-Louder Alicia Merrett Leni Levenson Wiener Mary Pal and Noriko Endo all created quilts that turn the spotlight on preserving the rich variety of wild- life on the Earth. Other works look at projects that are attempting to improve the health of our forests and waterways as well as efforts that address overpopulation and sustainable agriculture. The rich and colorful quilts that resulted from this project are not only strikingly beautiful in their own right but they serve the purpose of focusing attention upon the worldwide struggle to protect and preserve our planet. In conjunction with Earth Stories a group of quilts from the Hun- tington Museum of Arts permanent collection will be on display in the Print Gallery wing of the Daywood Gallery. Daywood Gallery June 25 - October 2 2016 Opening reception takes place during the July Tuesday Tour on July 26 2016 at 7 p.m. Admission to this Macys Free Tuesday event is free. This is a detail of a work titled African Farmers by Jean Herman featured in the exhibit Earth Stories.