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18 Summer Camps at HMA Schools out...its hot...its summer time for camp Summer camps at the museum are a bustle of youthful energy and activ- ity. Kids are busy learning. They are exploring and experimenting. New friendships are forming and traditions are being built. And lets not forget camp is fun. Every age group is covered with HMAs camps from 18 months to seniors in high school. Each camp is designed with developmen- tally appropriate projects and learning methodologies. Varieties of topics are explored from art to nature to science to math to tech- nology to engineering and back again. In all of the camps kids are realizing that the Museum is a welcoming place where discovery imagination and creativity are encouraged. HMA camp teachers are professionals in the field of education and art. HMA provides exceptional camp experiences every summer for close to 200 kids. Pitter Patter Children aged 18 months to 3 years immerse themselves in variet- ies of tactile experiences during this camp. Parents and caregivers participate along with their kids. Several stations are set up in the studio space enabling kids to explore on their own at their own pace. Varieties of materials tools and toys are available for art making and play. A young artist explores painting. Young Explorers This camp is designed specifically for children ages 4-5. Activities include artmaking with varieties of materials and tools trail walks on HMAs nature trails and gallery games. Through game-based learning children learn how to interact with others accomplish tasks and practice 21st century skills. Parents are able to drop off their children for this half-day camp experience. This image shows students working on portraiture with sidewalk chalk. Creativity and fun are important aspects of camp.