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11 This self-portrait and lovely handwritten note were left on the back of a Museum visitor survey card by a 21-year-old first-time Museum guest from Zanesville Ohio. The opening reception for The Herald-Dispatch Presents WHAAM Original Comic Drawings from the Collection on July 28 2015 was well attended by people of different generations. This was a Macys Free Tuesday event. The exhibit was dedicated in memory of Alfred Lee Reynolds. HMA by the Numbers From July to December more than 200 visitors to the Hun- tington Museum of Art completed visitor surveys. Of those 137 were first-time visitors to the Museum. They came from 11 cities in West Virginia and 21 different states from Vermont to Texas. Our visitors ranged in age from 9 to 89 with the average age being 40 and of the 95 responses submitted rating their overall experience at HMA 81 said the museum was excellent. The Following comments were hand-written on the backs of Museum visitor survey cards by a few of our guests Happy Go Lucky Greeter. Knows a lot Couldnt have imagined a better experience Thank you for this Surprise delight Hand blown glass in the conservatory. Paintings. Nice variety and well-lit galleries.