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18 Camden Park Presents Art on a Limb November 24 2015 - January 10 2016 Virginia Van Zandt Great Hall and throughout the Museum Area artists add their creative touch to help celebrate the season at HMA. Trees throughout the museum are adorned with beautiful handmade artwork giving an extra sparkle in the air during the holidays. The West Virginia Bead Society strings thousands and thousands of glass beads to make intricate ornaments. Area Folk Artists brighten up the hallway with colorful decorations. Members of the Tri- Area Needle Arts use fabrics and threads colors and textures to liven up their tree. The Wood Workers decorate their tree with amazing lathe-turned and hand-carved sculptures. The Calligraphers Guild adorns their tree with finely crafted artful designs. In the main entrance of the museum is the Palette Tree with palettes painted and designed by 48 different artists. Palette Tree artists include Adrian Blackstock Arose Samantha Belcher Mike Bowen Bruce Bowersock Allison Broome Helen Chilton Fern Christian Rob Cleland Paula Clendenin Miyuki Cook Michael Cornfeld Eva Cox Benjy Davies John Farley Rabert Fulks Betty Gay Joann Gelin Ron Haeberle Ian Hagarty Charlie Jupiter Hamilton Hayson Harrison Barrie Kaufman Danny Kaufmann Kathleen Kneafsey Clarice Kumlien Natalie Larsen Staci Leech- Cornell Janet Lester Kevin Lyles Leona Mackey Peter Massing Jamie Miller Mark Tobin Moore Poochie Myers Reiden Overbo Eric Pardue Jeff Pierson Susan Petryszak Sandra Reed Chuck Ripper Jordan Sheils John Spurlock Michelle Strader Maggie Starcher Tom Suter Brent Thomas Lisa Walden and Kristen Zammiello. The Palette Tree in the Virginia Van Zandt Great Hall features the work of 48 regional artists.