Leon Dolice’s pastels

As with all digital photography, the color of images posted online can be slightly different online than in person. We suggest viewing the works in person, or, if required, requesting an additional photograph by calling the Huntington Museum of Art at (304) 529-2701.

Prices for the pastels will be added on the morning of August 4, 2021.


1. Empire State

Empire State

2. Chrysler Above

Chrysler Above

3. The Canyon

The Canyon

4. Dwarfed


5. River Harmony

River Harmony

6. N.Y. Halo

N.Y. Halo

7. Opening Night

Opening Night

8. Orange Glow

Orange Glow

9. Brooklyn Haze

Brooklyn Haze

10. In Search Of

In Search Of

11. Docklands


12. On The Bow

On The Bow

13. A Green Light

A Green Light

14. Brooklyn Crossing

Brooklyn Crossing

15. City Emerging

City Emerging

16. Growing Skyline

Growing Skyline

17. Alone in the City

Alone in the City

18. Hazy Day

Hazy Day

19. Central Park

Central Park

20. Night Lights

Night Lights

21. Dusk


22. Valley Rhythm

Valley Rhythm

23. Chrysler at Dawn

24. Brooklyn Lights

25. Rockefeller Clouds