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Museum Making Connections: Tri-State Elementaries was developed to bring the Museum to the Tri-State’s schools, many of which are located in remote areas. A museum-trained teacher/artist travels within a 75-mile radius of HMA, to second grade classes in counties surrounding the museum. They utilize a media program incorporating images of objects in the Museum’s collection to engage the students in discussion about the elements of art and principles of design. This is followed by a hands-on art-making project, giving each student the opportunity to creatively express themselves. All TSE programming supports state standards in education and addresses 21stCentury Learning Skills, which have been recognized by West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio as critical to a child’s intellectual development. These skills involve learning how to use knowledge – by thinking critically, applying knowledge to new situations, analyzing information, comprehending new ideas, and making decisions.

The second grade project is Animal Masks. By supporting State Standards for curricula content and addressing the 21st Century Learning Skills noted above, our outreach programs are committed to supporting area teachers as they work to meet those standards and teach those skills.

KY State Standards in Education
1.12, 1.13, 2.23, 2.24, 2.25, 2.26

OH State Standards in Education
1PE, 2PE, 3PE, 7PE
1 PR, 2PR, 3PR, 4PR, 5PR, 6PR

WV State Standards in Education
VA.S.2.1 VA.S.2.2 VA.S.2.3VA.S.2.5VA.S.2.6

This project is supported in part by the Ohio River Border Initiative, a joint project of the Ohio Arts Council and the West Virginia Commission on the Arts.

Student Photos

Students display the masks that they have created using critical thinking and problem-solving skills through art making.
Students display the masks that they have created using critical thinking and problem-solving skills through art making.

Shown is a mask with a cheerful expression.
Shown is a mask with a cheerful expression.


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