Saturday KidsArt

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Saturday KidsArt is a spectacular and fun-filled two-hour program that provides an afternoon of exploration, enrichment and experimentation in the arts to children in grades K–5. The program is free thanks to generous sponsorship from Cabell Huntington Hospital, and no pre-registration is required.

The children engage in art-making activities facilitated by professional educators/artists. This takes place in the Museum art studios. Parents and caregivers are invited to stay and participate alongside their children, and many have come to look forward to these afternoons of family fun.

Saturday KidsArt offers a variety of art activities. In all, this Saturday afternoon program provides a quality experience for everyone involved.

Parents and children alike love this program. Here is a comment the Museum has received:

This is a great program for the children/families in the community. It exposes young children to art and encourages them to be creative and get up off the couch. It also allows quality fun time for families to spend together, even for those on a limited income.

Getting children onsite at the Museum provides a number of advantages not available to offsite programs – perhaps the most important is the access the children and their families have to HMA’s beautiful, professionally designed exhibitions. Of course, all of the Museum’s public resources are readily available during Saturday KidsArt: the nature trails, the conservatory, the permanent exhibitions, the temporary exhibitions... During Saturday KidsArt, children have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the arts for two hours. Of course, that means they get messy. They make noise. They also make memories of time shared with family in creative, innovative self-expression.

Kids and families making art together in HMA studios

Kids and families making art

Kid drawing

Kids and Families making art