Community Events

As part of its commitment to outreach in the community, the Huntington Museum of Art works with groups throughout the year, participating in events offered by various area organizations. This enables us to reach large numbers of children and families. Events have included:

  • United Way's Success by Six
  • Huntington Multicultural Festival
  • Juneteenth Celebration
  • Wayne County Kids Day
  • Marshall University’s Early Child Development Evening of Literacy in Pullman Square
  • Downtown Live CAFÉ Event
  • Outreach at area libraries and other locations

Each of these community events serves to introduce large numbers of children and parents–often more than 500 at an event – to the Museum, its educational activities and its exhibitions and programs. HMA’s contribution in support of these events consists of providing an array of art materials and qualified artists/teachers who guide the children and their families in creativity and self-expression. The children attending these events have the opportunity to make a work of art, which they are able to take with them.

Many of the community events have important goals that significantly and positively affect children's lives. The United Way's Success by Six, for instance, is designed to educate parents about the importance of early childhood experiences, as children's brains are "fully wired" by age six. Marshall University’s Evening of Literacy, held at Pullman Square and sponsored by the Early Child Development program, promotes literacy and introduces children and families to literacy programs throughout the region.

The Huntington Multicultural Festival and Juneteenth Celebration are organized by committed members of the African American community. The Juneteenth Celebration takes place on June 19 of every year, and offers a large array of programming that celebrates the black experience. The Multicultural Festival, scheduled during the fall of the year, offers booths and activities that introduce the community to the people and customs of many cultures.

MMC: Community Events visits several libraries every summer, with programming tied into that year’s national summer library program theme. Other events, held in miscellaneous venues such as ChiliFest allow us to reach out to people in a variety of locations.

Many of the individuals served at these large community outreach programs may not be regular Museum-goers. Events such as these help the Museum reach people who might not realize the opportunities available for themselves and their children and may pave the way for a lifelong relationship with the arts.


Kids enjoying art making at Chamber of Commerce CAFÉ event.