Eclectic Rhythms: The Artists of Huntington, West Virginia

In 2021 The Huntington Museum of Art published “Eclectic Rhythms: The Artists of Huntington, West Virginia 1871-Present,” a new art reference book that contains nearly 600 biographies of artists of every type who made their home in the city at some point during their careers. The book is dedicated to noted art historian Chris Petteys (1927-2006), who authored the groundbreaking work titled "Dictionary of Women Artists: An International Dictionary of Women Artists Born Before 1900."

As is the case with any biographical dictionary, there are always individuals who were overlooked, inadvertently omitted, or unknown at the time of the publication. This page will be updated regularly to include biographical information on additional artists as they are brought to light. Please check back regularly to see if there have been any updates. Do you want to submit a biography? If so, please send an email to [email protected].

Charles P. Kilgore

Charles P. Kilgore (1889 - 1979) was born in Huntington, West Virginia, and attended both Marshall College (now University) and The Art Institute of Chicago. He served in the camouflage corps during World War I, where he was in the same unit as the famous regionalist painter, Grant Wood. Following his service, he joined the staff of the Chicago Tribune, where he worked as a “color consultant” and commercial artist. He traveled extensively in the American southwest, becoming known for his landscape paintings that documented the Spanish colonial architecture of the region. He exhibited his works in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1933 (along with Grant Wood and Orrin A. White) and in other regional exhibitions. SOURCES: