Geoffrey K. Fleming
Executive Director

Timothy Adkins
Grant Writer

Todd Adkins
Protection Services (Part-time)

Dustin Burgess
Facilities Director

Sophia Celdran
Museum Store Assistant Manager (Part-time)

Cynthia Dearborn
Director of Education

Nat DeBruin
HMA Librarian (Part-time)

John Farley
Senior Curator/Exhibition Designer

John Gillispie
Director of Public Relations

Josh Hamrick
Director of Conservatory

Kelli Harrah
Executive Assistant & Database Administrator

Raine Klover
Director of Guest Services

Kathleen Kneafsey
Visual Artist in Residence

George Lanham
Museum Educator

Madison Manns
Education Coordinator

Em Marshall
Guest Services (Part-time)

Rain Marshall
Museum Store Associate (Part-time)

Ama Napier
Education Assistant (Part-time)

Olivia Newhouse
Guest services (Part-time)

Florence Rawlinson
Guest Services (Part-time)

Robert Reynolds
Facilities Assistant (Part-time)

Sa-Rai Robinette
Curatorial Assistant

Ashley Ross
Development & Events Coordinator

Lance Schrader
Director of Security

John Spurlock
Registrar/Assistant Curator

Matt Spurlock
Director of Finance

Cyrielle Tchoffo
Protection Services (Part-time)

John Weber
Special Projects (Volunteer)

Jennifer Wheeler
Director of Development

Kathryn Willis
Facilities Assistant